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As a Professional Trader and Founder of Biotech Breakouts, Kyle Dennis is quickly becoming known as a leader in the trading industry. He is the first person from the popular trading program, Millionaire Roadmap, to earn $1 million in trading profits in its history. See what some of the press has to say about Kyle Dennis.

Kyle Dennis Success Story With Jason Bond Picks
Kyle Dennis became the first student to make $1 million in trading profits during trading program, Jason Bond Picks. As part of his recognition, Jason put together a full success story highlight outlining how Kyle achieved success. See the full success spotlight from Jason Bond Picks here. Review – Kyle Dennis Exceeds $3M in Trading Profits

Elite Swing Trading, 2018:
Elite Swing Trading recently did a review of professional trader Kyle Dennis and the trading program that he runs, called Biotech Breakouts. The article examines Kyle’s professional background and what ultimately led him to become a trader. Read the full review from Elite Swing Trading here.

Who is Kyle Dennis? Why learn his stock trading strategy?

Realty Time, July 24, 2018:
Learn more about who Kyle Dennis, professional trader and entrepreneur, and how he became exceptional in biotech stock trading. Biotech stocks can be a tricky area of trading to master, making Kyle Dennis even more impressive. Read the full article from Realty Times here.

Successful Traders Spotlight: Kyle Dennis from

Boss & Investor, August 20, 2017:
Kyle Dennis is a professional trader and breakout star in the stock market. He created Biotech Breakouts as a way to pass his knowledge and strategy about biotech stock trading to those who are looking for success in trading. Read the full review from Boss & Investor here.