There is no shortage of information available to entrepreneurs online. Unfortunately, much of the data is “cookie-cutter” that provides little to no value. What is worse, many of the sites want entrepreneurs to pay for what is offered. With that said, here is a list of valuable websites every new or serial entrepreneur should add to their bookmarks.

Since digital culture and social media are such a big part of society today, it pays for entrepreneurs to stay on top of the latest happenings. Many people turn to Mashable for their digital information. The publication takes an unbiased approach to all things digital. As a bonus, the site’s content is free from all the jargon that makes many publications devoted to digital culture a nightmare to read.

Even if you are not a professional blogger, this site still has some useful benefits for entrepreneurs. Although the site is full of information on blogs and blogging, it offers useful tools on website design, search engine optimization, and how to create well-crafted content to help drive web traffic. If an entrepreneur wants to build a website for marketing purposes, that website will need content.

Inc. Magazine
If entrepreneurs need an online “encyclopedia” of all things related to business, then they should bookmark The site offers a database full of educational articles that are short and easy to read. From financing to marketing and leadership, does not leave any business-related topic behind.

Social Media Examiner
In today’s tech-driven business world, almost every company must have a digital presence to succeed. A big part of that presence is social media. Social Media Examiner is a site that offers all the latest tools to help business owners build a powerful social media presence. From new entrepreneurs to serial entrepreneurs, Social Media Examiner helps beginning digital marketers as well as digital natives.

Tara Gentile
As a business strategist, Tara Gentile offers entrepreneurs inspirational content that comes from the heart. She creates content that combines strategy with motivational words. For entrepreneurs who need a good kick in the “you know what,” Tara delivers with her passionate, no-nonsense approach to business.

Copywriting skills are fast becoming a necessity in today’s digital business environment. Copyblogger provides those skills with simple tools entrepreneurs can use to create copy that converts. From marketing e-courses to e-books, Copyblogger offers clean and simple tips for improving an entrepreneur’s copywriting skills.

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