During uncertain times, people depend more on their leaders. How do great leaders handle the responsibility? And how do they stay positive as they make decisions during such unsteady circumstances?

While challenges may be unique, there have always been times where leaders have had to move across shaky ground. While facing these obstacles, there are some commonalities to how they get through while remaining positive and spreading that attitude to others. 

They Get Organized
This may be a surprising place to start, but its organization is key. As things around you become difficult to manage and sometimes chaotic, it becomes more important to be organized yourself. This organization extends to your desk, your inbox, and how your time is managed. 

Things may have to slip through the cracks some days when unexpected events happen, but fewer things will if you’re better organized. David Allen has a great system for this in his book, “Getting Things Done,” where he suggests doing a weekly review of your to-do lists so you can keep track.

Bring Value To People
Know why you are there and what you are doing. It is easier to keep a positive mindset during uncertain times when you stay clear on what your goals are. 

As a leader, what do you do best? What value do you bring? Tough decisions may be required of you. As you make them, remembering the value you bring can make that easier for you. 

By going throughout your day with the purpose of supplying value, you’ll get more satisfaction out of your work at the end of the day, knowing you made those specific efforts. 

Make Self Care Routine
You can’t work all the time. You may be working more now than before, but you will still need breaks. During those breaks, it can be tempting to zone out. Sometimes people will turn to their worst habits when the going gets tough as a way to handle their stress. 

To really stay positive, make a list of things you know make you feel better. This list should include things like exercise, healthy foods, and a regular sleep schedule. It may also include things like a weekly massage, meditation, journaling, or a weekly phone call with your best friend. Prioritize the things that help you feel your best to keep your mindset strong.