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About Kyle Dennis

But above all these, the ability to bask in the light of a lesson learned is the most important. Kyle Dennis, now a millionaire stock trader who ditched his 9-5 for a full-time position from the comfort of his own home, wasn’t always the success story he is today. He attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology. Following graduation, he took a job as a real estate analyst, before finding that he would not be able to pay off his student debt with his salary. 

After word of the success got out that people his age were making a killing in stock trading, Kyle Dennis decided to invest 1k of his money into his own trading account. But remember – it takes years to make an overnight success. Kyle didn’t get rich overnight, but what did happen was an eventual love for the game. With a desire to better educate himself on “trading patterns,” Kyle was tipped off to Jason Bond by a fellow trader in an online chatroom. It was in Jason’s program that Kyle learned the importance of thinking strategically, truly understanding stock market patterns, and treating stock trading seriously.

In order to get a comprehensive education from Jason Bond, Kyle Dennis joined Raging Bull Trading as a student, and entered Jason’s Millionaire Roadmap program. With Jason’s guidance, Kyle found his knack for the stock market through biotech stock trading, and began seeing immense success. He became the first student in the program’s history to reach $1 million in trading profits, earning him recognition from across the trading industry. Today, Kyle Dennis remains at Raging Bull Trading as a professional trader and educator.

Joining Kyle Dennis’ Biotech Breakout Service has revolutionized my trading experiences. As a new trader, I have learned so much from his educational material and from his live chats throughout the market hours. This especially has helped me tremendously as I learn what it takes to become a successful trader.

Mario C.

Take the initiative. Invest in your education. Learn from your mistakes.

About Biotech Breakouts

Upon reaching success through working with Jason Bond Picks, Kyle Dennis opened Biotech Breakouts. He was inspired to follow in Jason’s footsteps by teaching other people around the country about the art of trading, and the benefit of entrepreneurship. As part of the membership with Biotech Breakouts, individuals are provided with useful resources that can help them achieve long-term success. Kyle opened the program in 2018, and is sharing his secrets to success in trading.

The program has four different options that are beneficial for both new and experienced investors. You can choose between:

Kyle Dennis’ story started like so many his age, but what matters is how he turned it around. Kyle managed to climb out of a place of crushing student debt and pave a road of freedom before him. With over $3 million in accumulated earnings trading, Kyle is a symbol to those looking to break free of the status quo and become an all-star trader while creating the life you want for yourself.

Dollar Ace

Do you want to learn more about mastering your skills in options trading? Kyle Dennis launched his Dollar Ace program for ambitious traders who are looking to improve with options. Get access to Kyle’s live portfolio, training library, training videos, and more as a member with this exciting program. Looking for a program that includes daily alert emails to promising options? You get all of that included as part of Dollar Ace.